10 Reasons Why You Should Travel To the Philippines

Philippines travel has really skyrocketed over the past few years and it isn’t difficult to see why. There aren’t many countries that open their doors to every visitor but the Philippines does and it’s just so unique. Yet, many aren’t too convinced about heading over to the Philippines so in that case, here are ten of the top reasons why you should consider travelling to the Philippines.

Hospitality like No Other

One of the top reasons why adventure travel in Philippines has become very popular is down to the fact the people there are wonder. Now, the greetings and hospitality of the people of the Philippines is wonderful and so unique in a sense. Everyone in the Philippines is respectful, warm and friendly and for that reason alone you should consider travelling to the country!

Endless Beaches to Enjoy

A lot of people don’t realize the Philippines do have so many amazing sights and scenery to enjoy, none more so than the beaches. Now, the country does have some of the world’s biggest collection of islands with over seven thousand of them and each of them has their own stamp of uniqueness. Travel hacks here are just wonderful and you can relax and enjoy the wonderful clear sand, crystal blue water beaches!

Endless Shopping

If you love to shop, you are going to love the Philippines! The country has some of the most luxurious and biggest shopping centers the world has to offer meaning no matter what you’re looking for, you will find it. Free travel hacks here will be some to enjoy. However, you really can enjoy what the country has to offer when you love to shop because there are so many beautiful boutiques and stores to choose from.

Lots of Beautiful Sights to Visit

The Philippines does have a rich history and with an amazing culture you can enjoy what the country has to offer. You can tour some of the lesser known parts of the country and find some of the most breathtaking scenery ever. Even if you choose to stick to the well-known tourist hotspots you are still going to enjoy so much beauty. Philippines travel is amazing in so many ways.

Plenty of Wildlife on Offer

There is such a diverse range of sea animals and birds to enjoy. There are actually thousands of wonderful creatures to seek out from those in the jungles and forests to those in the oceans. You are never going to get bored if you love nature or love animals because there are so many to find. Being able to witness some of the world’s rarest creatures in their natural surroundings is indescribable and is one of the best reasons for adventure travel in the Philippines.

Great Weather All Year Round

One of the best things about the Philippines has to be the fact the weather is actually very good no matter the time of the year. It’s true, it never gets too hot or too cold and even though the country does see a lot of rain for five months from June to October, it isn’t too bad. Considering adventure travel in the Philippines is possible no matter the time of the year.

The Local Food

Philippines travel is amazing for so many reasons including food. Now, many wouldn’t think food is a reason to travel to a certain country however, it really is. There are lots of local delicacies here which you will love to try from Halo-Halo to Balut. It is wonderful and something new to experience especially if you love to try something new. See more about the best Filipino food here.

You Can Relax

Everyone who goes on holiday has the same purpose – to relax and rejuvenate themselves – and you can get all that and more in the Philippines. There are lots of beaches to relax on or if you want to get a professional to massage and de-stress the tension you can. There are lots of amazing spas to visit and whether your adventure travel plans are all about sight-seeing or shopping, you can always squeeze in a relaxing massage at a local spa.

More Speak English

Another great reason for Philippines travel has to be that more people speak your language! Yes, you did hear right, more people throughout the country speak English which is just perfect if you can’t learn the language or don’t want to learn. Also, it makes it a lot easier to communicate with locals when you are going from one location to another or just find yourself a little lost.

Suitable For Everyone and Less Costly

The final reasons to consider an adventure travel vacation in the Philippines are down to money and suitability. Now, you may be surprised to learn that the Philippines aren’t that costly when it comes to dining out and even its accommodation. This is a country which relies heavily on tourism and as such is able to offer some fantastic prices. It might seem a lot in the local currencies but in US dollar terms, it’s so cheap you won’t believe it! Also, the Philippines are suitable for almost everyone since there is so much to see and do.

Your Mind Made Up?

Thousands of people would say the Philippines aren’t a destination they want to visit however, the above reasons might just change their minds and it might change your opinion too. The Philippines does have a lot on offer from great adventure days out to beautiful beaches and much more in-between. The point is even though the Philippines might not appear to be the ideal spot or the first vacation hotspot you would choose, it is one option which is well worth considering. Adventure travel in the Philippines is amazing.

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