10 Things NOT to Do at Disneyland

Disneyland travel is every child’s dream. With a long to-do-list in hand Disneyland makes every child happy going there especially when you have vocation in Taiwan. Its Disneyland has more rides than any other park and above all it has rides for every group of age. So adults can enjoy their adventure travel as much as their kids or younger siblings would do. But there are a few things that the adults and parents must not do in the park. For example;


  1. Don’t wait in line: During this adventure travel of your life, you don’t need to wait in long lines to get a ticket because the park has a FastPass System. It is a special ticket that allows its holders to get in a separate queue at certain spots on a specific reservation time. You must also not miss your FastPass window during this tomorrowland travel.


  1. Don’t miss your leisurely meal: A running day of your adventure travel deserves a leisurely meal. And Disneyland knows this well. Therefore, never miss unlimited buckets of coleslaw, beans, barbecue chickens, ribs, cornbread and much more.go to website from http://www.travelmarketreport.com/articles/Intrepid-Group-Highlights-Yearlong-Tour-At-Adventure-Travel-Expo



  1. Don’t leave at closing time: Never plan to leave the park at closing time. Because you can be in a line to tomorrowland rides. And you’re guaranteed a ride if you’ve entered in the line. This trick works best for the most wanted rides like Radiator Springs and Space Mountain.


  1. Don’t go unannounced: It is an adventure travel. Never go there unannounced because Disneyland has special surprises for your special occasions like wedding anniversaries and birthdays. Seating on rides, special cup cakes, extra ice creams and much more awaits you there.see website here!



  1. Don’t forget to charge your phone: Selfies are in fashion these days and you cannot afford to regret if you haven’t charged your phone completely before your Disneyland travel.


  1. Don’t ruin your new shoes: Adventure travels include a lot of walking especially if it is Disneyland. And you do not want to ruin your new pair of shoes anyway. Therefore, never wear your new shoes to this tomorrowland visit.


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  1. Don’t Enter Park Dressed as a Disney Character: Never enter in Disneyland dressed like any Disney character if you’re aged 10 or above. It is advisable for your own security. You don’t want to get mobbed all day, right?!


  1. Don’t Wear Too Revealing Clothes: Adults are advised not to wear too much revealing cloths. Disneyland is not a place to wear beach party dresses. It is advisable to wear decent and comfortable clothing during your adventure trip.



  1. Don’t Smoke in the Park: There are designated smoking areas in Smoke in those areas only. Also don’t drop ashes and cigarette butts on ground. Disneyland has dustbins as well.


  1. Don’t Take Alcohol or Glass Bottles: Disneyland is a fun place full of rides and swings. It is not a place to get drunk. So, don’t take alcohol inside. Respect the rules.

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