Traveling and Shopping without leaving your Seat

Travel this time of year really amps up as people make plans to go home for the holidays.  Many families plan and budget all year long, so they can spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with their loved ones.  If they have aging parents or relatives that are ill, knowing this might be the last time they can celebrate together can be a deciding factor in braving the crowds and long lines during holiday peak.  The crowds do not bother others, who like the throngs as they go to and from the airport.  This makes them feel part of a larger movement of humanity, and they are energized by the people they meet and the stories they hear along the way.

Doing your holiday shopping at this time can be a blessing or feel like a curse if you are strapped for cash or max’d out with your credit cards.  Searching for a way to be sensible with your money and still buy a few gifts is on the minds of many this year.  That’s why so many are turning to Groupon to find gift ideas and use promo codes for items they can find on the site.  If you’re searching for a clever gift that just keeps giving, a subscription to Birchbox would be just the thing.  People who love fashion, fragrance and make up love receiving a Birchbox each month.  Birchbox is a great idea for a young lady who is just learning about makeup, because there is something new to try each month.  Actually, it’s a clever gift to give anyone because it combines the element of surprise with a touch of glamour.  You can save 50% your first order and get lots of freebies that you can keep, or give away.  One subscriber said she loved handing out the little samples to people she met as she traveled around the country for work.  It was a nice way to break the ice, and pass the time while waiting for flights that were delayed.

Deciding what to give those on your list this year doesn’t have to be a difficult chore if you start
by searching Groupon.  They show items that are trending because of their popularity and usefulness, and you know they will be appreciated.  And you can still shop as you pass the time if your flight has been delayed, using your handy smartphone.

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